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Blender Export Mesh-Bone Parent Connection


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I hope someone can help me. I want to export my Blender model with the Babylon.js Blender Exporter and import it in my App. In general this works fine, but I have one problem that I can't solve.
In Blender I added a parent connection between a plane and a bone of my armature. The idea is that the plane should move if the bone moves.
In Blender this works fine, but not with Babylon if I import the exported scene (tried my app and the BABYLON sandbox).

Now I have two problems (which may be related to each other ?)
1. The plane is in a different place in Babylon (compared to the Blender model)
2. The parent connection is not exported and if I set the connection in my app directly after the import the plane moves to a weird place (but it follows the bone)

Would be nice if someone can have a look at my Blender model.
In my model there are actually two planes LED.L and LED.R and a want to attach these planes to the Neck bone of my ReetiArmature.



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I only looked at the .babylon file.  Neither LED.L nor LED.R have a skeleton id assigned.  It must be how you either parented the planes to the ARMATURE (not bone), or added an armature modifier to each plane.  When you parent, UI comes up asking to assign automatic weights.  Since you wish all the weight be on one bone, just weight painting all the vertices to that bone, should get your export pointing more in the right direction.

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