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DOM Buttons to Control Character move w ArcRotate Camera target


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Hello all, BJS is great.

   Question: What is the best way to add DOM buttons, for tablet touch, to mimic the left and right arrow keys that control arc rotate camera following a target?

   Or, how can dom buttons control arc rotate camera (left/right)? Is there an Action Manager action event or something?

   Digging around, not finding it, hopefully this will help others, looking for the best solution.


   Here is the context:

                    cameraFollowTarget(simpleMesh); //camera positioning call.

    cameraFollowTarget = function(target){       
        var rotationControl = -45.5  // -45.5 is backfacing,   
        target.rotation.y = rotationControl - sceneFollowCamera.alpha;       
        sceneFollowCamera.target.x = parseFloat(target.position.x);      
        sceneFollowCamera.target.z = parseFloat(target.position.z);      
        sceneFollowCamera.target.y = parseFloat(target.position.y+2);   

    //init of sceneFollowCamera ArcRotateCamera...
    createCameraSets = function (){
        //CameraParams: name, alpha, beta, radius, target, scene.
        sceneFollowCamera = new BABYLON.ArcRotateCamera("CameraBaseRotate", -Math.PI/2, (Math.PI/2.2) - 0.4, 50, new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 5.0, 0), scene); // <------
        sceneFollowCamera.wheelPrecision = 15;   
        sceneFollowCamera.lowerRadiusLimit = 2;      //zoominandout
        sceneFollowCamera.upperRadiusLimit = 2222; 
        sceneFollowCamera.upperBetaLimit = 1.3;//1;
        sceneFollowCamera.beta = 1.5;
        sceneFollowCamera.radius = 15; //distance camera is from target.   
        scene.activeCamera = sceneFollowCamera;  <---- 
        sceneFollowCamera.attachControl(canvas);  <----


   //Connected DOM button to onKey handler, which animates Mesh, but it does not mimic arrow key rotation of mesh and camera:

    keyDown = function(e) {  
        switch (e) {
            case 37: //'leftarrow':
                simpleMesh.rotation.z = -0.2; <--airplane banking animation. but does not pan because it is handled within arc rotate camera.
            case 39: //'rightarrow':
                simpleMesh.rotation.z = 0.2;

    Is there an event to mimic arc rotate arrow keys from dom buttons?

    <a class='btn btn1' href='#'><i id="btnTurnLeft" title="look left" class="fa fa-repeat"></i></a>
    <a class='btn btn2' href='#'><i id="btnTurnRight" title="look right" class="fa fa-undo"></i></a>

    document.getElementById('btnTurnLeft').onclick = function(e){ 
          ... action manager event to turn camera?
    document.getElementById('btnTurnRight').onclick = function(e){ 

     I did a source code dive and saw that it is the camera alpha that needs the behavior,

     So I added it to the button click handler:

            case 'touchLeft':
                sceneFollowCamera.alpha -= 0.2 ;

      But... that jumps the camera rotation to that point, and not a smooth tween like the arrow key.

      So getting closer, but still digging deeper...

     Is there a better (simple) way to get the arrow key behavior for DOM button?



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You're welcome :) 

for smoother movement you can use booleans instead together with (mouse / pointer)down & up events.

e.g; while pointer is down on rorate_right_btn; scene.activeCamera.__rotate_Right = true;

and in scene.registerBeforeRender, something like;

if(scene.activeCamera.__rotate_Right) scene.activeCamera.alpha -= 0.05; 


http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#2DMPBD#4 (uses pointerdown, won't work with browsers that only support mousedown)

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Yep that worked. Piece of cake. Here was the solution:

    onKeyDown = function(e) {  
        switch (e) {
            case 'touchLeft':


    function animateMovement(){
            sceneFollowCamera.alpha -= 0.05 ;


        scene.beforeRender = function () {

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