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Hello there,


the last couple of days I was playing around with Phaser a lot, and I quite like it so far!

My current project is supposed to be a kind of side-scrolling Beat'EmUp where the movement and action is turn-based and takes place on a pre-defined grid of rows and columns.

Now, the idea was that it has a pseudo-3d look, and thus needs some kind of perspective projection. I've messed around with the Isometric-Plugin for Phaser, but the isometric perspective is not what I'm looking for. 


The camera would be static (the person is moving from left to right and the tiles on the ground keep scrolling in), so my guess is that it should somehow be possible in Phaser to mimic this effect by matrix manipulation of the coordinates or such. It's been a while I've been doing this, but I'd be willing to look up some maths again for this. :P 

I did a Tetris 3D game 2 years ago with Three.js, so I know that this setup is basic in true 3D environments, but for now, I'd like to know if anyone of you guys maybe has experience with things like this in Phaser, because I'd really like to stick with this framework. But if it should be too complicated to implement I'd also maybe have a look at Babylon.js or Three.js once more. As far as I know, those two lack those neat game-mechanics-implementations that Phaser offers...anyway, thanks for reading and taking your time, maybe one of you has an idea!  

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I found this post after reading your question...

I dont think there are any plugins at the moment for Phaser, but the above might be a fine starting point. Could be useful and its within phaser. I have never worked with Three.js or any 3D HTML5 engine, but have you considered PlayCanvas?

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thanks for answering. The link you provided is interesting, I'll look further into the topic. 

I have stumbled across both PlayCanvas and GoDot while browsing the forums, maybe I'll try these out. I'm always a bit skeptical when it comes to having to use extra editors though, but maybe I'll be positively surprised. 




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