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Mac incompatibilities when loading mesh and dynamic texture


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Hi everyone,

I'm developing a simple web app with babylon but a friend (I dont have access to a mac) told me that my web app dont work properly on his mac using Chrome (v56) and sometimes Safari.

Can anybody help me?. This is the link:


The functions are: load a jpg image, download a render view and move the model with or without the sliders. the errors appear when he try to load images (wrapping error?) or when he download the render

Thank you all.

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Hi @hit2501, good to see you again.  Any chance we could get a list of errors from Mac error console?  That might help.

Could your friend be blocked by CORS restrictions... when trying to access images?  Perhaps try using pictures gotten like this.  (Notice the "labeled for reuse" setting on Google Image Search tools.)  Perhaps your Mac friend is quite buried behind a firewall?  This would also prevent image saving, too, I think.

CORS can be rather brutal for JS... blocking all sorts of fun things (for security reasons).  See lines 62-63 in this playground?  Setting that img.crossorigin = 'anonymous' does something (also notice Rolento's comment on the end of line).  Not sure what screen-grab/save methods you are using, but you might consider checking if it has a img.crossorigin setting.

Also, there might be a tab/section inside your friend's browser DEV TOOLS... labeled 'net' or 'network'.  (logging network access events)

In that section, reports about FILES are logged.  There might be more info in there, too.  Perhaps it tells WHY the file loading/saving is failing.

Anyway, tell more details, if you can.  Thx!

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Thanks Wingnut, I'll read more about CORS, meanwhile here is what console shows when he try to use it:

This first error occur even in a PC but dont have impact in the performance:


And this one happens when he try to use "Load JPG" function:


Its kind hard to get mac equipment in my country so I'm depending on some friends in facebook groups.

Thank you both and sorry if my english is not good :)


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Sorry for my late reply, Im following the Wingnut's advice (img.crossorigin = 'anonymous') but I cannot access to Apple devices. kindly check the updated:


Can you see the initial texture?

Did it work when you loaded a new image ("Load JPG")?

My friend showed me that these errors appear on Apple devices:


Thank you all.

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