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How is this JSON file created?


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Hi there,

I'm a web developer assigned to write a virtual pet game. I have never actually coded a game before - well, maybe many years ago when I was a kid learning how to code :) 

The pet would be able to eat, do some gestures, etc. The artist I'm going to work with will be using Adobe Animate.

I found this demo to be very close to what I need:


I noticed there is a png file that contains the image assets, but I'm not sure what the JSON file is used for. I believe it controls the animation, but how is this file created? What tool was used?

Thank you ;) 

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Thanks a lot guys for all the replies!! :)

That Dragonbones looks quite user friendly, but I don't think it's compatible with Phaser, is it?

How would you guys approach implementing this virtual pet game? I could be going on the wrong path by using this Creature tool.



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The JSON file is likely containing information about the different frames that make the dragon animated.
You don't have to use it, you could use phaser.sprite as well, there's probably more documentation and forums posts on using those than on creature. Just my 2 cents.

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