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Is it possible to let BJS support 3dsMax's "Point Cache" Feature


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Hello all~let's get to the point:

Recently,I've trouble with get bone's vertex position,and i'm think if there is a new way to get them!(which my situation is:I only want to get the position data.(don't know if there is someone same with me~)),and keep thinking and investigating》Then ,i found there is an interesting thing which is the "Point Cache" Feature of 3dsMax.

The 3dsMax's "Point Cache" Feature

And i've did some tests about "Point Cache" ,and it can do animations with out bones in 3dsMax.But when i export it to BJS.there's no animations!it's Stationary~(...i checked the .babylon file,and there is no any “animation” sign,no skeleton,no bones(i deleted))。

And i try to open the "Point Cache" File(.mc and .pc2) to see what's in it,but both are garbled.....Files are:


And have a look at this 3dsMax(2016) model:cache.rar

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Yuh yuh yuh, mad scientist BangTao... at work, trying to crack the planet in-half.  Figs.  :)  (Gotta love it)

Cool that you saved your files in all 3 of the major formats.  That's handy for examining formats.  I'd take a zip of those, if you wanted to package 'n'publish for me.  (thx either way.  Just want to see format.) 

XML is ascii, but, so is mc and pc2, I suppose.  Cool.   I went out searching links...




Lots of folks talk about "baking" ptCaches into keyframe animation, but that would kill its "stream-ability".  Can't be doing THAT.  :)

I don't think we will be streaming from disk, but let's try to get a point cache into JS/playground.  We can do it.

BT, you need to convert the mc or pc2 file... into being a JSON object/serialization.  (Might be tools already written - search well)

Then, serialize that wench into a big fat single string.  Then shove it into the mesh.metadata (mesh.metaData?) property within the .babylon file of the mesh.  Then, put a safety helmet on the dog, and import that mama into the scene.  Got medical coverage?  This thing could BLOW!  heh

Once the mesh arrives in scene-land, json-parse its .metadata string... back into a single object, and then we have a beer and look-over the situation... maybe have lunch.  Could you PLEASE keep your mesh vert-counts small, for our test scene?  How about a box or low-vert sphere?  How about... < 200 frames? (thx)

Cuzzzzzzz... I think we will be coding the "morpher" ourselves... using big dog brainpower that is hopefully nearby.  :)   The "morphing engine" can actually be written right now, because we can use JS to generate a JSON object (a point cache object?) with random values in it.

Then "play it" onto a mesh.... 200 frames-worth, even.  (using fake JS-generated point cache data)  (Sphere Wobbler 1.0)  :)


Surely others have ideas, too.  I'm just bored this morning, and talkie.  :)

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