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phaser ts definition "class Mouse"


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mouseDownCallback(): void;mouseMoveCallback(): void;mouseUpCallback(): void;

Should be:

mouseDownCallback: Function;mouseMoveCallback: Function;mouseUpCallback: Function;

And the following are internal methods that should not be in the definition at all:

        onMouseDown(): void;        onMouseUp(): void;        onMouseMove(): void;

Usage after the above change:

game.input.mouse.mouseDownCallback = <Function>((e) => this.mouseClick(e));public mouseClick(event:MouseEvent) {            // Works!}


Is there a "best way" to commit such changes? I can creates patches for the github repo. Or just post it here as I did?


Edit: Added the cast to "Function" anyone who knows how to define the function better, in a way that no cast is needed is welcome :)

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