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How to create Gizmos


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Is there any class to help in gizmos creation ?

I looked at babylon editor but i can't find where the gizmos code is, I tried to create it with linesMesh but I have no idea how to make it visible over other meshes !


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Hi Hartha.  In the BJS editor, these gizmos are called ManipulationHelpers.  Their JS source code...


Go get 'em, Hartha!  :)

...aw heck, should we paste that into a playground and try to turn-on a "radix" gizmo?   Why not, huh?


Cooooool.  :)  I'll let you "run with it" from here.  Do edits, makes more saves, show us what you create, thx.  You cannot damage anything in the playground.  I would guess that @Luaacro coded MH.js, but I have been poor-at guessing code authors, lately.  :)  Hope this helps.  Party on!

PS: That playground demo sometime causes problems with the playground app (or with FF browser).  It causes the playground editor screen to be black at times.  hmm.   Perhaps... use 'Get .zip' and play at home.  :)

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Hi @Hartha !

Sorry for the delay :)

The gizmos typescript source code is available here (from the link of @Wingnuthttps://github.com/BabylonJS/Extensions/tree/master/ManipulationHelpers

And then, the editor created its own manager here https://github.com/BabylonJS/Editor/blob/master/website/sources/internal/babylon.editor.manipulationHelpers.ts

Don't hesitate if you have questions :)

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