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control object bounce


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Hi again, hunts.


I removed 'chk' and I am resetting sphere height differently.  No biggie.

Lines 46-54... do the magic. We needed to remove sphere translation energy (position change) and sphere rotation energy (spin), because when it falls from pad... it is moving forward and rolling.  :)  When we move it to starting position, sphere still has all that energy, and it hits the pad at the same downward speed that it was traveling-at... when it hit .position.y < -50.  (very fast).

We needed to do a strange thing with ground.rotationQuaternion... to reset ground to flat.  (I added the pad rotation reset, but you might not want that).  :)

Generally speaking, when a mesh becomes physics-activated, it uses mesh.rotationQuaternion for rotation... instead-of the vector3/Euler mesh.rotation property.  Physics engines love Quaternions.  :)

Hope this helps.  Seemed to work okay for me.  Party on!

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