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[solved] PG: best way to load external script?


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Hi all,

what is the best way to load an external script in playground? I have a playground and every time I start the browser an error message is displayed "Compilation error
Line 7:15 - BABYLONX is not defined".
If I press then the run button, everything works fine. I tried to move the document.appendChild()  outside the createScene() function but no change.  Maybe there is a better aproach?

here is the playground: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1MYQ3T#2



PS: I've tried following, but also without success:

$.getScript("https://rawgit.com/androdlang/Extensions/master/ClonerSystem/src/babylonx.cloner.js", function() {


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I've found a workaround but it's really a hack

var createScene = function () {
var url = "https://rawgit.com/androdlang/Extensions/master/ClonerSystem/src/babylonx.cloner.js";
var s = document.createElement("script");
s.src = url;document.head.appendChild(s);
var run=document.getElementById("runButton");
if (typeof BABYLONX === 'undefined') {
    // variable is undefined


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@Wingnut Unfortunately there is a default constructor which detects empty arguments and instanciates an engine and a scene in parallel. So each time you reload, the whole scene is getting slower and slower. My idea was to absolutly minimize the overhead code for the demo.

@Deltakosh Yes that would be fine, but on the other hand I will you not overload with pull requests (there will be a lot of activities next time) . If  you could include my repro (https://rawgit.com/androdlang/Extensions/master/ClonerSystem/src/babylonx.cloner.js) that would be fine :)


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