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  1. I saw the playground on Pixi at https://github.com/ivanpopelyshev/playground. I have learned that he is using typescript language and running on nodejs. Since I am not familiar with ts and nodejs, I can only access it through http://localhost:8080 after npm dev startup. Now I want to put him. Deployed to the web server on my window so that he can access it on the public network. May I do this?
  2. I want to present you an online coding platform that helps beginners learn JavaScript, and in the same time offers creative individuals an easy environment to build mini JavaScript games with multi-scenes, sprites and nice backgrounds: www.codeguppy.com Kids in the 80's used their home computers (Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, etc.) as ideal platforms for learning computing concepts and coding. CodeGuppy.com tries to recreate the same experience by offering multiple coding tutorials on top of an online coding platform ideal for developing mini games. Pleas
  3. Hi, The Playground tool has some limit? In number of lines? Because I see some instability, since yesterday, in a code which has 680 lines. Thanks
  4. I know I mentioned this before, a really long time ago. When you switch to full screen, movement of the mouse directly affects the camera as if you had a button pressed. It happens in the playground. I cannot remember if it happens in user scenes. It just popped into my head to check if still a problem. It is.
  5. In Playground, info links open new tab back to Playground, instead of to the actual link. Hover over Method, @see link, click, no bueno.
  6. Hello, My example shows how to run app with a few files in TypeScript on Playground by RequreJS. Playground intro-to-threejs.zip
  7. Writing playground based tutorials (PBTs) just got easier. Well a little bit easier than when it started in this thread. There are now methods available in the playground for anyone to highlight or hide lines in the editor and to build simple standard information and selection dialogue boxes. Documentation is available to describe the available functions with links to a couple of examples and how they were coded. Even if you do not want to write a full tutorial the functions can be used just to highlight some lines in your code or even to hide and unhide some lines as in this example http
  8. Hello, On one of PC I use I can't access any existing PG. For example, if I open a PG from the latest questions - https://playground.babylonjs.com/#199KHL%2317 - I'm forwarded to the https://playground.babylonjs.com/ so no chance to see the PG. I have an AdBlock and ScriptSafe, but I allow everything PG needs, cookies are also allowed. Could you tell me what else can prevent accessing the playgrounds? I try Chromium and Firefox.
  9. You may have notice in the Q&A part of the forum, but I've made a kind of cornell box scene, you just have to do whatever you want with it. [EDIT] last version: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#J5E230#40 Here an already-made scene in the playground: I think this can be useful sometimes, to easily have a bit more complex scene in the playground so as to do tests and little demos (for example, to play with probes). As I'm not a pro-coder, you will probably see some craps in my actual playground scene code, do not hesitate to enhance and correct it PS: I w
  10. Hi, I'm testing code at: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/?shadows and want to try my own image for the ground. On line 35 I put “http://www.rhgrafix.com/images/ground.jpg” instead of "textures/ground.jpg", I control+click on it and sure enough my image comes up in browser, but when I hit Run I just get the default checkered image. Why is this happening? Thanks, R.L. Hamm
  11. Hi, guys. I'm having some cursor-alignment issues with the latest Playground editor. I suspect is has something to do with the new navigator pane, but I can't be certain. I've attached an image showing where my mouse cursor is, vs. where the text cursor ends up when I click. If I were to type at this moment, characters would be inserted immediately after the 'V' (where the mouse is), with the text cursor lagging behind. The problem is more profound the closer you get to the right-side of the window. I'm using Chrome 61 on a MacBook Pro. This doesn't appear to be a problem in Firefox or Sa
  12. Currently I am writing PBTs (Playground Based Tutorials) . Writing the code in the playground editor is OK but since the code alters itself it can get tricky and you can lose code you have just written. Writing the code in VSCode and then copying and pasting into the PG and running is one way. The best way I have found is to clone Babylon.js install npm and monaco into the playground directory add simple serve script into the playground directory run local server in browser localhost.../index.js Is this the best way to obtain and run the Playground locally? If
  13. Hi, I am behind a proxy and the following behaviour on different browsers occour. If I call a PG with appended Scene ID like http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#H82GNB#1 the playground loads and allways shows me the basic scene. New URL is then http://www.babylonjs-playground.com Seems that there is a redirection or something else? What could be the reason for that?
  14. Hi, I get following error on safari macOS (could be because it is webgl 1.0). this._gl.createQuery is not a function. (In 'this._gl.createQuery()', 'this._gl.createQuery' is undefined)
  15. Hello community! As you know, the playground is a very valuable tool if you want to try, experiment and share your Babylon scenes. You can even search for a specific word in the whole snippet database from the documentation website, that make it easy to find and discover a new snippet. And because we know it's a very powerful tool, we worked hard last month with @Deltakosh on a better user experience when searching for playground. From now on, when saving a new playground, you'll have to fill several information: a title, a description and some tags. It will be asked only once at the playgro
  16. From today I am getting a Blocked loading mixed active content message whenever the page uses an external url and var s = document.createElement("script"); s.src = url; document.head.appendChild(s); This affects a number of PGs including, among others, Jerome's dynamic terrain PGs. This seems to be because the playground is now delivering all pages using https. Is this a recent change? When this happens the PG can be unblocked using the lock icon next to the PG address. This is annoying. If security demands https then in future all demonstrations of new functions will requir
  17. Hi gang. I'm going to ping @Temechon on this, as well. Repro: 1. Load simple playground with Window at full-screen (NOT canvas at full-screen. Keep normal 50% split with editor/canvas.) 2. Use settings menu and un-check editor choice (turn OFF editor in settings) 3. Restore the window (de-full-screen it) 4. Drag Window width until it is narrow. 5. Drag Window width until it is wide, again. Did editor re-appear? It does so in my firefox. Possible PG bugger/oddness.
  18. hello guy's I have a simple question really so simple why i cannot make playground work on local or on my serv ... http://s682936852.onlinehome.fr/ba/Playground/index.html this is playground scene from "Babylon.js-master.zip" http://s682936852.onlinehome.fr/index.html this is the basic scene its work properly thx in advance
  19. Hi, does anyone have problems with new playground on mac safari browsers? Every time I click run scene just disappears.
  20. Edit: NEVERMIND, I checked noscript and that was blocking urls! I havn't had troubles saving before so didnt think of that!. Here's the url if you want to see it in action! http://playground.babylonjs.com/#NJ8S1D Hi, I'm guessing this probably isn't a bug and is a security feature but I was creating a playground where I was projecting a world position to screenspace and then using css to position a div to make sure it was correct. I couldn't find any information about unable to save a playground mentioning DOM manipulation. Heres the code that is unable to save with the error
  21. Hi all, what is the best way to load an external script in playground? I have a playground and every time I start the browser an error message is displayed "Compilation error Line 7:15 - BABYLONX is not defined". If I press then the run button, everything works fine. I tried to move the document.appendChild() outside the createScene() function but no change. Maybe there is a better aproach? here is the playground: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1MYQ3T#2 Thanks PS: I've tried following, but also without success: $.holdReady(true); $.getScript("https://ra
  22. Hi It looks like playground stopped working in newest babylon 2.6. Firefox 51.0.1 x64 Xubuntu 16.04, Nvidia NVS 3100m, proprietary official nvidia driver v340.101 But works fine in chromium 55.0.2883.87 In every scene i opened, even very simple it shows in console something like this: (for example this one: http://playground.babylonjs.com/?2# ) BJS - [08:04:01]: Unable to compile effect: babylon.js:3:21936 BJS - [08:04:01]: Defines: #define SPECULARTERM #define NORMAL #define NUM_BONE_INFLUENCERS 0 #define BonesPerMesh 0 #define LIGHT0 #define HEMILIGHT0 babylon.js
  23. Hi gang! I don't start topics very often, but I'm talkie today. 1. TypeError: snippet.code is undefined - (A console error seen with some empty playground loads). Does this error == "Can't connect to (Azure) DB"? 1a. Can PG internal code intercept this error, and display "Failed to connect to database" in lower left corner of PG? (same place as "Loading assets...Please wait") 2. Compile Error: 'n' is undefined (Could be 'n' or ANY other single-char) This is a compile error (not in console, but instead on popup panel). This is almost always caused by a problem with a
  24. Fellow members we are now living in a virtual world (what's new). The earth as we know it no longer exists, dropped south and exits. Check out Playground Example 14 Height Map our earth has gone. Let us appeal to our gods for its return @Deltakosh we humble mortals pray for the return of earth.jpg
  25. I see something different if I go directly here: http://playground.babylonjs.com/?28 to if I, say, go here: http://playground.babylonjs.com/?12 then choose PBR from the drop-down box. When I do the latter the four meshes are semi-transparent. I've managed to reproduce this on both Firefox and iPad. I'm guessing that one or the other of the playground entries is setting some global state that it shouldn't? By the way, the "wrong" way is actually quite an interesting effect: the balls look a bit like very delicate glass, or soap bubbles. It might be worth adding a c
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