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Small paid project for a Web developer (involves flickr api)


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Hi all,


I need a web developer, who has immediate availability, to help build a quite small web app. Some more details:


1) It will query a specific flickr group and download and save locally the highest resolution available versions of all photos that have a specific tag in that group.


2) A separate app will play back those photos in a slide show in full screen (using browsers full-screen api). It will overlay the photographers name (as pulled from the flickr api previously). The photo will remain for approx. 5 seconds then simply fade to the next one and loop.


This is not for a web site, it won't be public facing - it's actually for a TV production so the photos will be HD broadcast quality, and hence the need for the app to go full screen. It cannot be run live, i.e. you can't query flickr and then just show the photos, they have to be saved locally and displayed from the local storage (you can't afford to risk "bad connections" or show "loading bars" on live TV!). There will be a single device that will run this app and the video out will be fed into a broadcast stream.


It doesn't need to be cross-browser either, running in just Chrome is fine. And you can use whatever tech stack you like to make the local saving of files work (php, javascript + local storage API, ruby, whatever you need). You can use whatever you like to play the photos back again too actually, but keep it simple. This isn't an exercise in computer science graduation, it just has to work, and work well.


If you're interested then drop me an email telling me how you'd go about coding it. I will need you to be on either Skype or GTalk so I can get daily progress updates. If you feel it would fit into "evening work" that is fine too, but you'll still need to be around so you can update me on progress. But please do not take this on if you even slightly feel that you can't manage it.


Drop me an email if you're interested: [email protected] - or if you have specific questions you can ask them here too.


Thanks everyone!

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i made a couple of years ago an executable able to download images and showing slides after a certain time for my personal use. It couldn't be so difficult to update it with scripts for getting images from flickr, i will do a try if you want, anyway it is the first time i use the flickr apis, so i need to study them!

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