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Problem With Rotating Sprites Makes Edges Jagged


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Hi all. I'm having a weird problem with rotating sprites. When I use Canvas rendering it's fine, but with WebGL rendering, the edges are jagged when I rotate the sprite. The sprite is created from a texture that is made with PIXI.Texture.fromCanvas. I used the HTML-Canvas API to make the simple rectangle. Here's a code pen project that explains better: code. And here are attached pictures of WebGL rendering and Canvas-fallback rendering. Any help fixing this would be greatly appreciated





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EDIT: OOPS, didn't realize i was in the pixi forum (not phaser), so none of the below applies. Hmm, have you tried changing the sprite blend mode? 



Lots of things you can try.

1. On the sprite, set its smoothed property to true. sprite.smoothed = true.

2. Enable anti-aliasing when you create the game. e.g.

var enableAA = true; 

var game = new Phaser.Game('100', '100', Phaser.AUTO, 'game', null, true, enableAA);
3. Round pixels: 

    game.renderer.renderSession.roundPixels = true;

The solution should be one of those 3 options. 



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