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Sprite2D Change Texture


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Is it supposed to be possible to change the texture of a Sprite2D after it has been rendered?

Whenever I try to do that I'm getting the following error:


TypeError: this.modelRenderCache is null

If it is supposed to be possible I'll make a PG to demonstrate the error.

If not, is the alternative to create multiple Sprite2D each with its own texture?

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Changed to 3 seconds. I think the problem is with hasAlpha, perhaps because in this PG the second texture is a jpg without alpha. It's worth trying with another transparent png just to make sure that's not the case.


This PG throws this error:


babylon.canvas2d.js:9972 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '_partData' of null
    at GroupInstanceInfo.get [as transparentData] (babylon.canvas2d.js:9972)
    at ScreenSpaceCanvas2D.Group2D._renderTransparentData (babylon.canvas2d.js:12017)
    at ScreenSpaceCanvas2D.Group2D._groupRender (babylon.canvas2d.js:11889)
    at ScreenSpaceCanvas2D.Canvas2D._render (babylon.canvas2d.js:17921)
    at e.callback (babylon.canvas2d.js:16702)
    at e.notifyObservers (babylon.js:2)
    at r.render (babylon.js:13)
    at index.js:223
    at n._renderLoop (babylon.js:5)


Locally I get this error for a different code that is quite complex to reproduce, but same idea:


TypeError: this.modelRenderCache is null[Learn More]  babylon.canvas2d.min.js:6:21059
    t<.get file:///D:/Projects/someProject/client/src/lib/babylon.canvas2d.min.js:6:21059
    n.prototype._renderTransparentData file:///D:/Projects/someProject/client/src/lib/babylon.canvas2d.min.js:7:24988
    n.prototype._groupRender file:///D:/Projects/someProject/client/src/lib/babylon.canvas2d.min.js:7:22514
    n.prototype._render file:///D:/Projects/someProject/client/src/lib/babylon.canvas2d.min.js:11:13599
    n/a._afterRenderObserver< file:///D:/Projects/someProject/client/src/lib/babylon.canvas2d.min.js:10:15698
    Observable.prototype.notifyObservers file:///D:/Projects/someProject/client/src/lib/babylon.max.js:4968:21
    Scene.prototype.render file:///D:/Projects/someProject/client/src/lib/babylon.max.js:22755:13
    Application/< file:///D:/Projects/someProject/client/src/app.js:4471:45
    Engine.prototype._renderLoop file:///D:/Projects/someProject/client/src/lib/babylon.max.js:8827:21


They both seem to be related to transparent data. Locally both of the textures I'm using are transparent pngs.

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        Object.defineProperty(GroupInstanceInfo.prototype, "transparentData", {
            get: function () {
                if (!this._transparentData) {
                    this._transparentData = new Array(this._partCount);
                    for (var i = 0; i < this._partCount; i++) {
                        var zoff = this.modelRenderCache._partData[i]._zBiasOffset;
                        this._transparentData[i] = new TransparentGroupInfoPartData(this._strides[i], zoff);
                return this._transparentData;
            enumerable: true,
            configurable: true

There it is, the zoff line.  Hey @Nockawa, first of all, welcome back!  I hope you had some fun "out west" in the west.  We sure miss you when you're gone.  Someday, you may actually get to play with BJS, instead-of always working on it.  :)

Immutable, huh?  That means... unchangeable.  hmm.

If we had a function... sprite.setInitialTexture(someTexture, hasAlpha, etc)... that function COULD re-initialize the sprite as if it were a new sprite, yes?  The 'Initial' part COULD indicate to users... that the sprite is being re-created to accomplish this.

I think you agree, this issue is going to arise again, because... making a new sprite2d with rect2d and text2d (like the #29 PG demo)... is a substantial amount of code lines.  There will be future others who will try to re-use a sprite2D, instead-of making a new one (esp if they ONLY need to change the texture or atlas). 

So, I'm thinking about ways to make it APPEAR as-if they changed the texture, when actually, they re-created/re-initialized... using the new texture/atlas.

Not sure if that would work. Just thinkin' and inkin'.  :)

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