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"Cannot read property 'width' of null" error when update v3 to v4


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When I update pixi.js version v3 to v4, there are some error: 

pixi.js:20965 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'width' of null
    at CanvasSpriteRenderer.render (pixi.js:20965)
    at Sprite._renderCanvas (pixi.js:20620)
    at Sprite.renderCanvas (pixi.js:9346)
    at Container.renderCanvas (pixi.js:9348)
    at CanvasRenderer.render (pixi.js:16040)

I found out it caused by `var width = texture._frame.width;`, and the `_frame` is null.

But it works fine in v3. I read the `Pixi v4 Migration Guide`, but it seems no relevant.

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2 hours ago, xerver said:

Can you post a running example of the issue please?

Sorry, it's complex code (otherwise I can debug by myself). 

The error happened in CanvasSpriteRenderer, and I find it's new in v4, is there any suggestion debug this?

The chain is:



CanvasRenderer.prototype.render = function render(displayObject, renderTexture, clear, transform, skipUpdateTransform) {


Container.prototype.renderCanvas = function renderCanvas(renderer) {
        for (var i = 0, j = this.children.length; i < j; ++i) {


Sprite.prototype._renderCanvas = function _renderCanvas(renderer) {


 CanvasSpriteRenderer.prototype.render = function render(sprite) {
        var texture = sprite._texture;
        var renderer = this.renderer;

        var width = texture._frame.width;   <<<<<< error here
        var height = texture._frame.height;

Because the texture is:



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How about this check?

// if baseTexture is null then there's nothing to render, so just return
if (!texture.baseTexture) {


Or maybe you need this one?

// if the texture has no frame data then there's nothing to render yet, so just return
if (texture.noFrame) {


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