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Animating Camera Rotation


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Hi guys, welcome @rohapa.  May I add...

    ...cameras can be parented to (invisible) mesh.  Here is a fancy playground that uses this method.


MOVE mouse left-right (atop canvas), and see the camera z-rotate (banking), an unusual movement for any BJS camera.  A blank AbstractMesh named node is being used as the camera 'gizmo' (see line 45).

DRAG left - right... to change the direction of node and thus, also change the direction of the camera.

In the renderLoop (lines 66-76), lots of manipulation happens to node, which automatically affects node's child... the camera. 

Point is, you can animate a box (or plane or blank mesh) in ANY way, and that mesh CAN be a parent of a camera.  This method opens ALL avenues for camera animation.  Ok byeeeeeee.  :)

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