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When do I need to set game.physics.aracade.enable()?


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first: I´m new to Phaser. I was reading the tutorial and I dont understand, why you dont have to set "game.physics.arcade.enable()" for platforms("game.physics.arcade.enable(platforms)"?

In the tutorial it´s done for the player("game.physics.arcade.enable(player);") which makes sense. Later on the collision detection "game.physics.arcade.collide(player, platforms);" however looks for collisions between the player and the platforms. Shouldn´t playtforms be an Arcade Physics body as well? In the tutorial on player is getting up with it.

Thank you! :)

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It's because the Group in which all of the platforms are added is physics enabled itself, which is passed on to all children:

    //  The platforms group contains the ground and the 2 ledges we can jump on
    platforms = game.add.group();

    //  We will enable physics for any object that is created in this group
    platforms.enableBody = true;


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Hi rich,


that makes sense - thank you! I have another question(I hope it´s ok that I´,ll put it in here).


Let´s say I have the following code:

var game = new Phaser.Game(800, 600, Phaser.AUTO, "",
		preload: preload,
		create: create,
		update: update

function preload() {
	game.load.image("ground", "assets/ground.png")
	game.load.image("towerAtt", "assets/towerAtt.png")

function create() {
	groundField = game.add.group();
	groundField.enablebody = true;
	ground = groundField.create(0, 0, "ground")
	ground.scale.setTo(game.width/ground.width, game.height/ground.height)
	//tower = game.add.image(0, 0, "towerAtt")

function update() {



Let´s say I want to create something(a tower) when a specific event happens(for example the user clicking a button). How would I do that?


I´ll try to explain my thoughts and problems: since I dont want any towers to show up(place one tower after a user interaction), I cant paste

tower = game.add.image(0, 0, "towerAtt")

this in the create function, since it will get created(and shown), right?

What would be a short solution to it?


Thank you! :)

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