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What's wrong with this .blend file?


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I need help exporting Blender scene to Babylon. There's one skinned mesh and every time i try to export I get error: "MageBlue has unapplied transformations. This will never work for a mesh with armature.". But before I try to export I always apply rotation and scale transformations. It looks like it's impossible to export any of bought assets to Babylon. It's like you must to model and animate everything by yourself. And you must follow the rules (which are very fragile) or in the end everything goes wrong.


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@Gugis : Well this is the start of fixing your file - identifying what is wrong.

The IK Bones

1. The first image below has eight bones coloured purple. These seem to be an attempt to add IK functionality to the rig.

2. The four horizontal bones actually have "IK" in the bone name, and the four vertical bones (outside the mesh) seem to be "constraint" or "pole target" bones for a simple IK rig.

3. However, while they could be used as an IK rig, no constraints on other bones have been set up, and all of them are supposed to "deform" the mesh. IK bones do not deform the mesh - they move other bones!

4. If you don't need to animate using IK these bones are useless and will just clutter up your .babylon file.

The Transforms

1. The second image below shows the differences in the transforms between the mesh and the rig. The scaling is massively different. In fact I can not remember seeing a mesh/rig with such huge differences :o

2. Looking at these huge differences, I can't help but feel that it looks like an attempt to cobble together a mesh and a rig someone had - not something modeled and rigged from scratch.

And as you tried applying the transforms before export - you are obviously aware that this is one issue with your failed export.

The Animations

1. The third image is a slightly different view. I have opened a "Dopesheet" window, then selected the "Action Editor" and looked at the actions available for the rig.There are two - "Armature" and "Staff" (left side of image).

2. With the rig selected, I chose the "Staff" action. the mesh and rig appeared to vanish. Hitting the "." key on the NumPad brought it back into view - upside down and much reduced in scale.

3. Playing the animation - nothing happens. So I tried to delete it - standard deletion methods do not work. It turns out that somehow this animation is in the NLA editor which since Blender 2.71 (?) protects from deleting animations.

4. I suspect that this animation is/was meant to somehow animate a staff held by the mage. There is no staff mesh and it seems like it is not needed. So it has to go.

Ok - so hopefully this answers the question you asked in the title. A couple of hours and I will post again - a fix :)

cheers, gryff :)






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1 hour ago, gryff said:

2. Looking at these huge differences, I can't help but feel that it looks like an attempt to cobble together a mesh and a rig someone had - not something modeled and rigged from scratch.

I bought it from Unity asset store. There was single .fbx file and I imported it to Blender.

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@Gugis : Ok now the fix for your issues :)

The Transforms

1. Start a new Blender file. Hit Shift C to make sure the cursor is at 0,0,0.

2. Delete any default camera and light.

3. File->Append -> and navigate to your "mage.blend" file

4. Then choose "Object"->"MageBlue"

5. The "mage' will appear in the 3D window. In Front View - Ortho  scroll out to see him all.

6, Select the rig/armature and Apply Location and Rotation and Scale. Then do this for the mesh. You should now see something like the First Image below. Note the size of the figure - huge - 200 units high.

A Camera

1. Because of the size of the figure we need to add a camera that can see the figure. So Add->Camera

2. Then set its transform to the values in the Second Image below and the set the End Clip to 1000 ( or you will see nothing on export).

3. Add a hemi light too.

IK Bones

1. Now the Ik bones I showed you in my previous post are doing nothing. So you have the option to delete them, set them up properly or do the following which will allow you to come back later and set up those bones.

2. Rename all of those bones eg: Elbow.R -> Elbow.IK.R, or FootIK.L to Foot.IK.L.

3. Now go to the Scene Properties tab and check the box that says ignore IK Bones.(Image 3)

Now export from Blender to BJS. Ohh and save the file with a new name.

Let me know how it goes.

cheers, gryff :)

PS : As for your file from Unity, I have no idea how it was created. Are the issues described above from the original modelling or because of the .fbx importer of Blender. The importer was created in Blender 2.72(I believe?) and works quite well with not rigged meshes. but I think there have been issues with rigged meshes. On the other hand, there are good paid assets out there - and some not so good. Who knows where the issue lies.? :unsure:







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34 minutes ago, Gugis said:

So that was damn IK bones fault

@Gugis: No it was not the IK bones fault - they are/were doing nothing. They do not deform the mesh or move any of the other bones.

The issue was that Staff animation. If you look at the the armature/rig of the mage after the "Append" operation with the "Dopesheet/Action Editor" there is only one animation now called "Armature". The "Staff" animation is gone.:o

My guess is that animation was meant to be applied to a wizard's staff/weapon (not in any rigged way- something I have seen before.)

Anyway, if you want to get around the camera stuff I describe above, after Transforms->Step6, select the rig/armature and Scale it .01. Then reapply the rig/armature scale/rotation and then reapply the scale/rotation of mesh. You can now make a camera that is about -10 to 20 on the Y axis and no need to mess with the clipping end stuff.

cheers, gryff :)

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