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PVRTexTool format not found


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Hi, I tried to generate textures with PVRTexToolCLI but 2 were not done (astc and dxt).

Astc was not created without error (junk.txt was created) but dxt said that format BC1 or BC2 is not found (I checked with -help supported formats and they really were not in the list).

I am using mac so probably they are win only?

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Doc for compressed textures is here.  In the "Generation using PVRTexTool" section, there is a comment about  (with link to the ARM github page) that says you need to add a separate executable.  There is a MacOS version.

For BC1 or BC2, they are under patent.  The patent expires this October according to wiki.  Suggest you look at the PVRTexTool PDF, (link also in doc), or search PowerVR forum.

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