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Sprite Atlas vs UVs


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I have a big problem with screen tearing. Please have a look at the video. I am sorry I can't provide a playground for this (yeah I could maybe), because I am using a port of babylonjs together with the haxe language/compiler. I read much information about the problem in OpenGL forums too, but I did not get a solution.

So maybe some 3D WebGL / OpenGL ES Guru knows, how to fix the problem.




As you can see in the video, the mesh with the bricks and ladders is flickering and tearing like hell. The mesh is merged together from single meshes (planes) and a sprite atlas is used, so that I can take one material/texture for the whole level-mesh (the foreground). To get the well known sprite art or retro effect, I use


texture.anisotropicFilteringLevel = 1

texture.wrapU = texture.wrapV = Texture.CLAMP_ADDRESSMODE

I tried to adjust the uvs (read about pixels and texels), but I don't get it right.

I think that the UVs are not correct and when the camera moves, the drawn texture tile is snapping between two pixels all the time, and that causes the bad tearing effect.

But I don't know. Since I am using Babylonjs/Babylonhx, I am asking here for the first place.

It's strange too, that it looks like the lines are jumping up and down. And maybe the uvs are right, but the screen tearing is a evil, that comes with the NEAREST_SAMPLINGMODE or the disabled anisotropicFiltering? Btw. I disabled mipmaps too.

Hm. It would be easier to just scale the Textures up hm and use another sampling mode? Because now I get it, that not using mipmaps is a bad idea, because I have a little 3D stuff in there, like the sides and the floor.

Yeah I know, there is another topic to this topic. But I didn't find the answer there.

Yeah, that's great. I think I have the right solution now. Upscaled textures. But to be honest and just to learn how to do it right, is there another way how I can do this? Merging planes with different uvs together and using a very small texture (one tile = 32px) without having artefacts?

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It's bundled with the Radeon Drivers and is called ReLive. And yes, it's very good. Better as you can see here (Youtube messed the video a little bit up). Last time I recorded the desktop and then I was looking the video. I got to the toilet, came back ... and wtf? Why can't I click? What is wrong here? Uhhh ... it's not the actual desktop. It is the video ... ;)

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