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Turning purchased assets into tileset for Tiled


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I've bought a few sets of royalty free game art, which include some tilesets I would like to used in Tiled.

Each tile has its own PNG file, way larger than I want to be using (e.g. 512x512 or 256x256). There are also object images which are not uniform dimensions.

Does anyone know if there any software that I can import all these files into, merge them into one file, and resize them all to something usable?

When searching about this I've found recommendations for TexturePacker, which I have, however it automatically arranges each image to fit in a smaller space. I just need each image to occupy a square the same size.

I could do it manually in some image software, or maybe write a script to do it, but it seems like it must be a common task and surely there's already something out there?

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TexturePacker is the right answer. Change the settings in the panel on the right hand side, and change the target. I've done this before so I'm 100% certain it works. Also, if you've paid, try emailing where you bought it to see if they have a version that's already set up as a tileset. May save you some hassle.

Change, data format, and something in the layout in TexturePacker if I remember correctly. Fiddle with it until it works.

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