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Deleting object that was cloned


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A clone is an actual mesh with its own data. This data is simply copied from the original mesh, and recreated into a new, cloned, mesh.

An instance is the actual main mesh, where as a clone is an entirely new mesh.

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For real?  I'm going through Raanan's blog and it says "If all meshes are completely the same, including material, use instances. If the vertex data of the new meshes is the only thing that should be identical to the original mesh, use cloning." and "Cloning a mesh returns a Mesh object that you will be able to manipulate further. The main thing that is cloned here is the geometry - the vertex data of the mesh is reused across all meshes. The material, for example, can be changed."

I thought that meant clones will share the same vertex data but separate materials.  

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3 minutes ago, adam said:

I think I get it.  That statement checks to see if any other mesh is using that same geometry.  If it is, remove the mesh from the list of active meshes but keep the geometry in memory 'cos its still being used

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