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There is a new Blender zip file, BlenderToBabylon-5.3.zip.  To avoid some of the revision #'s releases of the past, this the revision # is -1.  This will show as -beta in the user interface.  Will not be deleting the 5.2 zip file until the zero revision is published.  You cannot run both though.  Also, there is a new file in the zip, so you may get an error on installing it.  Leaving and restarting Blender is required.

The changes are:

  •  Exponential shadow maps
  • Universal camera instead of Free
  • Option to disable 64k vertices limit
  • morph targets

I have run one of my .blend files, originally from @gryff, with shapekeys through the export.  It ran in the sandbox, but I did not try to figure out how to animate it so do not know whether it is right.  There is only 1 key, Draped.  I do not have a lot of incentive to figure out morph targets when I have my own animation system.  This is the scene where I use this .blend.  There is a lot of stuff in this scene built directly in javascript, so not in the .blend.  Anyone feel free to test.

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On 2017-05-02 at 2:54 PM, JCPalmer said:

originally from @gryff,

@JCPalmer ; Hell Jeff that was a long time ago. :o

You and me have been here 3 years now - that must have been 2014 - time flies ;)

Is there some documentation on morph targets and the new exporter?

cheers, gryff :)

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A scene with a single key which affects every vertex does not have an expiration date.  Great for debugging.  As far as documentation for using BJS's morph target, check the morph topic.

In Blender though, forget the shape key group naming convention requirements of QI.  There is essentially one group of every single vertex.  As with either implementation though, there is one rule which will turn your .blend & scene into a Jackson Pollock painting if you violate it.  You must NEVER delete anything off the edit X menu (various dissolves ok).  Have never tried extrusion on a mesh with shape keys..

I have tried multiple times to correct for this, and also seen others having the same problem when exporting shape keys.  Maybe someday.  There is a way to do it though.  In edit, select the stuff to delete, then 'P' to bring up the separate menu, pick by selection. Then in object mode, delete the mesh with the unwanted geometry.  That is how I make busts out makehumans.

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