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EdgesRenderer doesn't work anymore


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Yep, http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#TYAHX#88

.showBoundingBox is also failing in latest BJS, with same "T is undefined" error.  2.5 version works fine. 

I've been "dropping hints" all over the forum for a week now, hoping I wouldn't have to create a bug report.  But since YOU did, GiJS, I can now "pile-on".  :)

Possible boundingbox extends issue?  Same issue as the physics boundingbox extends stuff?  (pure speculation on my part) 

Where's the "What's New" for 3.0?  Any mention of the boundingBox extends issue in there?  http://doc.babylonjs.com/whats-new

Darn, that only goes to 2.5.  hmm.  ;)

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Thx T!  Aha...  "Introduced boundingBox.centerWorld and boundingBox.extendSizeWorld"

I don't know if that is pertinent whatsoever... but... it's almost on-topic, anyway.  :)  showBoundingBox and edgesRenderer are "downstream", I think.  Post-processes, I suspect.  Shaders.  So, perhaps I am far off-base.

If we had a "go max" choice in the playground... could we "install" a maximized version of BJS for THAT PG, and then the console error line numbers would be precise, and we could click on the right side of the error, and actually see where the 't is undefined' error is happening-at?

That would be something, huh?  :)

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