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Support for TIled's Collision Editor and P2 Physics


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     * Takes the collision data defined in the collision editor of Tiled and applies it to
     * and exisiting tilemap for use with P2 physics bodies.
     * Tilemap json data MUST be loaded in the Preload state/function using game.load.json() before this function is called
     * map must only have ONE tileset
     * each tile can only have ONE polyline set for it's collision
     * the polyline MUST be a complete shape (the last point is indentical to the first)
     * @param {Phaser.Tilemap} map - this is the map which you want polylines added to
     * @param {string} key - this is the key for the raw json tilemap data loaded in the preload state
     * @param {bool} [roundValues=true] - Will round the x,y coordinates for the polylines to nearest integer
    addPolylineCollision: function (map, key, roundValues) {
        if (roundValues === undefined) { roundValues = true; }
        // json with the collision data that was omitted by phaser
        let data = this.game.cache.getJSON(key);
        let collisionData = data.tilesets[0].tiles;
        // array of the collision polygons that will get added to the tilemap
        var polygons = [];
        // tiles in the Collision Layer that will help define the polygons
        let mapData = map.layers[map.getLayer('Collision Layer')].data;
        for (let row in mapData) {
            for (let col in mapData[row]) {
                var wall = collisionData[mapData[row][col].index - 1];
                if (wall !== undefined) {
                    for (let i in wall.objectgroup.objects) {
                        let poly = {
                            height: 0,
                            name: "",
                            polyline: [],
                            properties: undefined,
                            type: "",
                            visible: true,
                            width: 0,
                            x: mapData[row][col].x * map.tileWidth,
                            y: mapData[row][col].y * map.tileHeight
                        for (let j in wall.objectgroup.objects[i].polyline) {
                            var coords = [wall.objectgroup.objects[i].polyline[j].x,
                            if (roundValues) {
                                coords[0] = Math.round(coords[0]);
                                coords[1] = Math.round(coords[1]);
        map.collision['Collision Layer'] = polygons;

I'm writing a function to support Tiled's Collision editor and P2 physics. Everything seems fine but the values for all the polygons I defined get mangled to the same values. I thought it was a scope issue but nothing seems to work:


https://gyazo.com/17006a8d49e451a7d7010c77c31a7765 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


https://pastebin.com/fv9sJpPc (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


By the time execution reaches line 57, the console.log call, all the values in the polyline arrays are totally messed up, they're set to values between -1 and 1, and are always set to the same values every time. At every other previous point in this functions lifetime everything works exactly as expected.

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