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PolygonMeshBuilder.build() No Longer Works Solved. Not a bug.


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Maybe it never quite worked. This playground does produce a visible mesh on Edge, but it also produces error messages in the log, just like other browsers. I tried using code from older versions, but the problem persisted, so maybe the browsers behaved differently back then. Apparently PolygonMeshBuilder uses Earcut to fill the space between vertices with triangles, but it is misleadingly named "path" in your playground. It works if you don't add the first vertex again (the reference image):


#3 would also work if you add a small offset to either the first or the last vertex, so them having (virtually) the same position seems to be the problem. When I added random vertices twice, it also corrupted the mesh sometimes. You can see with polygon.getIndices() that corrupted meshes have some missing indices, but I don't know why that would only sometimes make the mesh invalid.... :huh:

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