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Identifying and contoling mesh


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Hi there, i am a Bab3D junior.

I was wondering how do i identify and control an imported mesh i.e. (newMeshes[0].position.x=100;)

My mesh is newMeshes[0] other meshes [1] [2] etc.

myMesh = newMeshes[0];

myMesh.position=''; //Babylon

myMesh.css("display","none"); //jQuery object.style.opacity




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@Mpman hy there and welcome to Bjs, you can use var mesh = scene.getMeshById("put the name of the mesh you need here);

you can use the debugLayer to find the submeshes in your imported mesh, you can find the name of the mesh that you want there.

The debugLayer is really a great tool for this

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Hi Mpman,

If the imported meshes are from the SceneLoader then you can change their properties after loading:

BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", "/dir/", "file.obj", scene, function (loadedMeshes) {
  loadedMeshes.forEach(function(loadedMesh) {
    console.log(`loaded ${loadedMesh.name}`, loadedMesh)

If you want to hide a mesh instead of using css, try to set it's visibility property to 0.  So, in the code above you could do:

if (loadedMesh.name === 'hideme' ) {
  loadedMesh.visibility = 0

If you share the file you are importing and where you are stuck we can be more helpful.

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