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Before I PR to babylon.js need to check somethings


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So I have forked and cloned babylon.js, added CreatePolygon to babylon.mesh.ts, babylon.mesh.vertexData.ts and babylon.meshBuilder.ts. Made a copy of this clone in a new folder (haven't fully got the hang of this branching thingy with git), done the Gulpy things and compiled to Javascript in the copy and the min file babylon.js seems to work OK with new functions. (will spend a bit more time fully testing tomorrow). Now a couple of questions as I am just blindly following contributing instructions and trying to convert my original Javascript code to acceptable typescript by reading the code that is already there..

1. Some things like Box and Cylinder and Sphere appear in babylon.geometry.ts with a

export class SHAPE extends _Primitive

type whatsit. Do I need to make changes here as well? Not sure what the geometry bits are for.

2. Do I PR the version that I have not compiled from Typescript to Javascript or do I PR the compiled version.

3. ( A couple means 3 or 4 doesn't it). Does somebody check I haven't messed things up before the PR is accepted?



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