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Creating isometric assets


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Hello all!


I'm currently making an isometric game using Phaser and the superb isometric plugin. However when it comes to creating assets I hit a wall. When searching online I don't really find something useful on best practice on creating isometric art but a few tutorials.


If I want to a few characters - say same form, different clothes - in eight directions should I use a program life Inkscape and draw all of the different angles or should I create a 3D model and take pictures. I find the information on the topic very lacking.


Thanks in advance for any answer! :-)

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there is a book called AdvancED ActionScript 3.0 Animation which contains a great section on creating assets. I know it's a as3 book but it's super easy to translate and the asset creation is pretty well language agnostic. When I did my last dimetric/isometric (whatever term you prefer) I used a tutorial for blender to setup an orthographic camera and it really helped http://flarerpg.org/tutorials/isometric_tiles/ Best of luck it can be a real headache but a worthwhile effort imo.

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