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Multi-camera and WaterMaterial


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Yes it works.:)

For cons, I noticed a problem where water does not reflect the correct cloud sky as seen on the pictures below

PG here:


Results on the image that comes playground : (Left is error, right is the result normally)

593e4552e8f36_2017-06-1209_37_26-Babylon.jsPlayground.jpg.7e0877a5e8971ba0a996468bcb172d42.jpg  593e462020447_2017-06-1209_41_33-Babylon.jsPlayground.jpg.85ca69ba574813bdabc1fc3ef98a0ca4.jpg

One can also see the results on the image that comes to my current project



Thank you DK

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scene.activeCamera.layerMask is always "2". And in the demo, the water is in layerMask "1". Need to find why (@Deltakosh help granted xD)

Edit: in scene.ts, when rendering the custom render targets, there is this line: "this.activeCamera = renderTarget.activeCamera || this.activeCamera;". Why scene.activeCamera is not the one with layerMask = 1

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I have a GTX 960 4GB (1080 is coming soon). it's a good graphics card the 960. 

Yet refraction underwater (with heightmap) gives me 5 to 12 FPS. I find it strange because I think my graphics card allows me to use very greedy games. and there just water, is very greedy in Babylon

Is an optimization problem for water ? I think even a GTX 1080 would not be sufficient. This is not normal already with a GTX 960 that allows me to play to HD games with refraction, reflection and other ...


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