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I'm a little irritated at the moment.
A sprite sheet is to be loaded and displayed. The sprite sheet consists of several individual images (2, 3, ... 5, ... 10, ... any). I would like to change these pictures.
Unfortunately, I find no suitable example. On the basis of an animation, with Play and Change Texture, it can not be, it is always only a single picture to the next switch.
Does anyone have a suggestion? Thank you.

PS: Of course, I also have a JASON file to it.

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Are you looking to use frames from multiple spritesheets for a single animation? I don't think you can mix frames fromendifferent sources that way. 

Or are you looking to switch to a new texture on a sprite for new animations? This can be done. After loading a new texture on the sprite, you will need to redefine the animations, then play the animation. 

Im away from my computer ATM, so I can't show you and example. I'll try to the next time I'm able of you haven't gotten it to work till then. 

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Hey Flashy,
It is one Spritesheet. One JSON-File.
Maybe i mean "change texture"!?

I just want to exchange pictures.
If ..., then go from picture 1 to picture 2.
If ..., what else, then go from picture 2 to picture 3.

Later i build it then with buttons, or something else, depending on how I need it.
As I said, animation play I think for overflow, because there are only standing images, no anis.


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just create more than one animation and put into the if, example on your example:

a = animation from 1 to 2;

b = animation from 2 to 3;


i'm noob here but i think this can be work


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