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Space Shader / BG / ClearColor


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I'm making a space game and I'm wondering what would be a good way to simulate distant stars. My initial thought was to randomly generate white specks super far out but that doesn't seem very respectful of resources. Is there a way to simulate it with clearColor or perhaps a repeated PNG?

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Hi guys.  Speaking-of big boxes with some star image, here we go

Equi-rectangular images are the latest craze, but it is difficult to FIND equirectangular starfield images.  This one isn't TOO bad. 

SOME equirectangular images are plentiful.  Do you mind doing your space game in a hotel room:D

ArcRotateCamera upper/lower beta limits... can prevent players from viewing the poles (where ER images are "gathered together" in an unsightly way). 


Skyboxes are another way.  They require 6 images, sometimes called cubeMaps.  Here is the "Skybox Tour" from our main web page.  Use [ or ] brackets to tour the skyboxes (39 of them).  Change the .htm to .zip, and get the zip with ALL skybox images included. 

Unfortunately, most of these skyboxes contain SOME terrain, too.  Perhaps only #34 is terrain-less - pure stars and space stuff.

All skybox images are provided-by 3dElyvisions.  Images are free to use in 3D games, but please see note about giving credit... at the bottom of their website.  Party on!

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