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Issue in mesh dragging


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Hi Team,

I am doing a good progress for migrating 2D planner to use babylon js. Here is the playground for same:


I am having couple of issues here, There:

1) as you can see the boxes with yellow faces depicts certain walls that are draggable in respective rows and columns. 
However horizontal walls can not be dragged to the last slot in its current room row and vertical slot is not draggable on top most slot in its column.
what am i missing here?

The code for horizontal draggable to right is on line : 183

The code for vertical draggable to top is on line : 196

2) How can i avoid dragging element to position where there is already a wall with yellow faces.

3) There is some code which is causing the page to become unresponsive.This do not happen consistently but i can see the high memory uses in chrome task manager.


Any help would be appreciated. 

Thank you for stopping by... :)  

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