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The second animation gives an error, help!


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Hello my dear friends, I am trying to add animation to my bird object and I added for normal flying and It worked but when I try to add any other animation to same object it gives an error can you help me, I am adding my codes and the error message here, thanks!


create: function() {
        this.bird = game.add.sprite(150, 200, 'bird');
        this.bird.scale.setTo(0.1, 0.1);
        this.bird.body.gravity.y = 1000;
        this.bird.animations.add('right', [0, 1], 5, true);
        this.bird.animations.add('dead', [2, 3], 5, true);
        this.bird.anchor.setTo(-0.2, 0.5);
        var spaceKey = game.input.keyboard.addKey(Phaser.Keyboard.SPACEBAR);
		spaceKey.onDown.add(this.fly, this);

update: function() {  
        this.game.physics.arcade.overlap(this.bird, this.blocks, this.killBird);

  fly: function() {
		if (this.bird.alive == false)
		this.bird.body.velocity.y = -325;
		var animation = game.add.tween(this.bird);
		animation.to({angle: -20}, 100);

killBird: function() {
        this.bird.animations.play('dead', 8, true);

And I add the error message, and also my other problem is about pixel reformatting errors, how can I get rid of them, thanks.


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15 minutes ago, samme said:

You need to pass a callback context in arcade.overlap.

Thank you, but how can I do it? My callback function is "this.killBird", Should it be like "this.killBird(this.bird)"? Sorry because I have been interested in Phaser for 20 days.  @samme

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