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[SOLVED] FPS drop with VideoTexture


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I want to display my webcam content on my scene. In order to do this, I tried to create a layer set in background on which I apply a video texture. I passed a video DOM element to this texture. This video has a stream for source that is obtained from the getUserMedia promise.

It works but rapidly the FPS drop and I don't know why. Maybe the size of the video is too large, maybe I provided the wrong parameters to the texture. I don't have any idea but it causes an issue.

Here is a PG for testing : https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#FF3BPV


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What do you mean by trying different settings on my webcam ? I only have one webcam on my computer and I can't change its property. Maybe I can change the dimensions of the video before passing it to the videoTexture.

I tried this and it increased a little bit my fps. My computer is 10yo. I tried this PG on other laptop and I didn't detect any FPS drop. 

I guess I can't do anything but I understood why, thanks

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Nice job !

The fact is that I wrote my piece of code a long time ago and I've never seen that you wrote this one in bjs. I will have a look on it ;).

BTW I still undergo FPS drop after a random time. Sometime I don't and sometime it increases back. This must be due to my computer and it doesn't matter since I know it is specific to me.

Thanks for your help, this topic can be closed.

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