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mesh real volume


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If I remember well my distant physics classes, you might find the derivative function of an elementary delta in your volume and then use an integral ...

Not that easy when the volume has no predefined or known shape.


Maybe another approach assuming the volume is concave convex (the barycenter is "inside" the mesh and all the tetrahdrons are "inside" the mesh) : 

compute the barycenter position

then from each mesh facet, compute the volume of each pyramid (tetrahedron) based on the facet triangle with the barycenter as the summit


If the volume is not concave, split it into many concave convex ones and iterate the former process

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Many thanks for your support. Due to the big amount of meshes I have decidef to discard this option and use bounding box volume instead.

Now after reading some docs I understand the problem.

Best regards.

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