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Can no longer use mask with TilingSprite?


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First of all, hey guys!  I've been floating about the forum for a while now, and look forward to posting a lot more in the near future.


I've been having quite a bit of fun playing around with Pixi these last few months, I'm in the midst of developing a game powered by it.  Anyway, I've hit a problem that I thought somebody may be able to help out with;

I was creating mountains by using a TilingSprite masked by a Graphics object, this was working beautifully up until I tried to use another mask somewhere else.  The problem was that the two completely unrelated masks were interfering with one another.  After doing a little research I found that this was a known bug with the WebGL renderer and was fixed in the latest release, however, after downloading and testing the latest release it appears that TilingSprites can no longer be masked?

I have set up a simple test to illustrate the problem: http://danielboa.com/maskTest/

Open up the developer console and you will see the error "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'primitiveShader' of undefined".


I tried the same thing but with the Canvas renderer and no error is displayed, but the mask also doesn't seem to have any effect.


Hopefully someone more clued up on the WebGL renderer can shed some light on this problem.

Many thanks,

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