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Pixi.js simple game


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I am looking for pixi.js coder to do very simple HTML5 game for me.

I have graphics already and need just coding part to be done.

Game must be responsive and good looking on most of devices and browsers.

Budget is 50-100$ as game is not too complicated and can be done in a few hours. Bonus is possible.

Payment via PayPal after you prove that my game is completed (video or screenshots).

My telegram here: click


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I wouldn't recommend anyone to work with him. I literarlly made him game what he wanted me to make, and yet after that (after long conversation which he needed to take days to reply) he said it's not complete or whatever something like that even though it was literarlly what he wanted me to make and then after that he said he wants to stop developement or whatever. I asked why and he said it's not complete and there is no menu's no popups or anything like that. Thing is that, he never asked me to make anything like that. He just wanted to have simple game with A to B end point. Literarlly just the game scene nothing more nothing less but he says that he needed more than that after WEEK of responses (keep in mind, that i sent him demos before weekend, before he answered me, and i even asked him, if he needs anything more to the game, he didn't reply about that). He could've said that at the beggining of the conversation. So this is why, don't ever contact with this person. He'll take days to answer between each of your messages and gonna end up wasting your time and will not get paid. If anyone wants this game besides than this topic's author itself. Send me pm, i can give it. :)

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