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How to toggle scene?


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SO many issues.  heh.  Erf.

1.  Left-button drag VERY SLOWLY.  Is camera reluctant to orbit?  Yep.  If you drag slow enough, you can drag a LONG distance and camera barely moves.  We will call this "muddy camera 1 drag".

2.  When scene2 is selected (big knot)... mouse/camera dragging... goes "wonky".  It appears that camera2.inputs.attached.pointers... is broken somehow.  We will call this "drunken camera 2". 

3.  Open console. As you repeatedly click scene-change buttons, it starts repeating button 2, but not reporting button 1.  Every click (after 1st click)... reports as being button 2, even though buttons are alternating.  We will call this issue... "stuck on button 2".  Does createSimpleButton() need a scene parameter?  hmm.

4.  While stuck on button 2... and viewing scene 1 (you see green button), click once in editor area.  Now click green button 1 on canvas again.  Console reports button 1.  :o  Let's call this "focus pocus".  heh.  Button 1 starts working again (see console)... after a change of focus to editor and back to canvas.

5.  Do a FRESH reload (F5?).  Open console, click buttons a few times. (Perhaps enter "stuck on button 2" mode.)   Now add (or remove) ONE (or more) blank lines of editor code, and click RUN again.  Does mouse-over canvas cause continuous TypeError: this._engine is null   babylon.js:9:22998 ?  After that error appears, does moving mouse in circles over canvas, with no clicking... cause FPS to drop severely?  Let's call this issue... "editor barf".  :)

Muddy camera 1 drag, drunken camera 2, stuck on button 2, focus pocus (button 1 starts reporting to console... after momentary focus-change to editor), and editor barf. 

Five big, greasy beard-scratchers.  Wingnut is going to have a nervous breakdown.  heh.  I welcome ALL help/ideas.  Thx!

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Lookin' pretty dead, eh?  Here, too.  hmm.  Same for stable or latest, IE or FF.

Calling all helpers.  :)  We might have to migrate this to BUGS.

I ate some "questionable" kielbasa for lunch.  I wonder.  :o

Let's wait and watch a bit longer... see if others have some ideas.

@waverider... is your project stalled because of this? 

If so, I might be able to whine louder, and start some fake news about a ByteRoach infestation in BJS... start a little panic.  :)

Nah, that probably won't work.  heh.  Thinkin' and testin'... seeing what I can find-out.  Stay tuned.

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