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Hi all!

I'm working on Canvas2D and I have problem with position of Sprite2D. Currently, origin only support for rotation and scale :(.

Default, position coordinate bottom/left corner, I want to position coordinate (0,0) is center of Sprite2D (same as anchor property Sprite of Pixi.js, Phaser.js). How to do this?

Thanks for all!

Sorry my bad English. :)

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Thanks for answer :)

But seem you misunderstand me. As same as rotation, if origin (0.5,0.5) then sprite2D will rotate at the center. I also want to position coordinate system start at the center.

You can see: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#R3W60Q

Uncomment line 24, that is what I want.

Thanks so much :)

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*nod, thx*.  Yeah. I'm not sure HOW to hard-set that sprite2D center.

Fellow forum helpers... SinhNQ would like the sprite2d to be centered by default... like this.

BUT, without needing line 24.

Perhaps wrap it within Group2d or Rect2d?  Nah, that doesn't sound right.  :)

I'll keep thinking, S.  Hopefully, somebody has a solution.

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