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Tile sprite scale anchor


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Hi Guys there,

There is a game with multiple layers. The lowest one is the water. Camera is above. The layers are scaled differently and moving with different speed imitating that its a 3D world. I want to use only a screen size tile sprite rectangle for the water to avoid full world broad animated tile map. There is a zoom navigation tool which scales all the layers up and down based the on the centre of the screen and I want to zoom the water as well.
Question one: Can I set the "anchor" base point for the scale on a tile sprite? I couldn't find any property for it. And the base point is the top left corner by default.
Question two: Does it make sense to try saving hardware resources in this way? The water surface has to be about 20 times bigger than the screen.

Many thanks for any help.


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Thank you Samme,

Unfortunately it doesn't work. I have tried as percent (0-1) and as pixels, but nothing. :(

water.tileScaleOffset.x = .5; // % nothing changed
water.tileScaleOffset.y = 500; // px nothing changed
water.tileScale.x = 3; // working
water.tileScale.y = 3; // working

The base point of scaling is still (0, 0). Did I do something wrong?

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Thank you Samme,

It would have been definitely nice to use this feature, but what can I do if it's not working. 
On the other hand Phaser is a great library.
Do you know where to report the bugs?
I am not in the finish yet, so have time to find other solution or wait for the bugfix.

Once more thanks, for your effort!
I'll show you the final result...

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