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Confused About Pre-Loading PNG Image Sprites...


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Making good progress with our new PixiJSv4 Internet game.

I am confused about pre-loading PNG image sprites.

I loaded the open-source demo on the tutorial page and have been modifying it to my own needs.

The following code confuses me:

	function setup()
        //Make the game scene and add it to the stage
        gameScene = new Container();
        //Make the sprites and add them to the `gameScene`
        //Create an alias for the texture atlas frame ids
        id = resources["images/treasureHunter.json"].textures;
        dungeon = new Sprite(id["dungeon.png"]);
        door = new Sprite(id["door.png"]);
        door.position.set(32, 0);
        explorer = new Sprite(id["explorer.png"]);
        explorer.x = 68;
        explorer.y = gameScene.height / 2 - explorer.height / 2;
        explorer.vx = 0;
        explorer.vy = 0;

        treasure = new Sprite(id["treasure.png"]);
        treasure.x = gameScene.width - treasure.width - 48;
        treasure.y = gameScene.height / 2 - treasure.height / 2;

What is: "id = resources["images/treasureHunter.json"].textures;" ?

I plan to have all PNG image sprites in a sub folder called "images".

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


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it comes from PIXI.loader : http://pixijs.download/dev/docs/PIXI.loaders.Loader.html


function setup(loader, resources)
	var id = resources["images/treasureHunter.json"].textures;
	// object with generated textures (dungeon.png, door.png, ..)


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