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(Advice) Using Animation for Bullets


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Hello everyone,

I am making a spaceship game. When a player ship shoots at another ship I am already calculating if it is a hit/miss. I am not going to use any collisions, its just a calculation. Given this, I would like to a bullet tracer (probably a polygon). It will be going very fast, so its more of a visual indication rather than any physics involved.

The bullet will just move from the gun vec3 to the target vec3.

Rather than building a system to track each bullet type and its position and progression, I would I would use the inbuilt animation system as it seems like a good 'fire and forget' system for this type of thing.

Is this a wise decision, is it an expensive (CPU) system if there are many animations present? I also saw I can pickup on an end-frame event. Is it wise to destroy the mesh and attached animation when it gets to the end-frame?



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This is a pretty good option.

One advise: Reuse meshes for your bullets. Create a pull of pre-created bullets by creating one master and multiple instances (with mesh.createInstance). Then mark all of them as disabled with mesh.setEnabled(false). WHen you want to fire a bullet, take one in your pull, launch the animation and onAnimationEnd you can disable the bullet and store it in the pull again.

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given the speed of bullets, I would use Delta method but instead of a "bullet" mesh use a really simple cylinder and a scale animation that "stretches" the cylinder in its local y or height direction.  Then script up a custom shader for them to make them look more like tracers.  Just a small bullet flying wont have the same effect.

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yes, but there are restrictions.
 With an instance you can not assign a different material and do not have as much control over making it different then the original, but you can change its position and scaling which is what your interested in.

A clone is a whole new unique geometry with its own draw calls.

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