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[Solved] Orientation of a mesh on a sphere


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Hi everyone!

I have actually a problem which is quite stupid but I really need help to solve it:
I have a sphere (position 0,0,0) on which I want to "put" a mesh. I have a ray coming from the center on the sphere to a point somewhere in space, and want to put the mesh on the sphere surface, oriented to the center of the sphere, as if the sphere was a planet.

I don't find anything in order to rotate a mesh from a ray in Babylon, and all the tries I do with a trigonometric approach aren't satisfying…

Here is the code doing that: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#C1M3C7

Thanks for your help!


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Thanks a lot for your answer!

However, there is a last problem to fix… Actually I don't understand how to make the up of the mesh pointing to the outside of the sphere, all my tries have weird results with positions where the corner is inclined and not straight up from the center?

On that base code the mesh is currently "lying" on the surface, I have to make it stand up to the sphere: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#C1M3C7#1

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