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Arcade Builder NG Launch

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Heya guys,

Today I've decided to put Arcade Builder live on Newgrounds, hopefully I'll get some feedback and then can but this project to bed after any tweaks and then onto the next project.

Arcade Builder is a business simulator which lets you build and manage your own games arcade.

You can find the link here:



If you have a Newgrounds account it'd be great to receive some votes/reviews.

It is written in HTML5 and uses PixiJS to render.

It took roughly 5 months in total with a lot of chill time in between (lurking here and playing games).

I still plan on doing more with this game, but under a different title/theme next time, I'm thinking of adding crafting.

For those who may be interested, here is my favourite video during development:

I have created a playlist of all the footage I took during development:

Thanks guys, have fun, Jam.

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