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Trimetric Projection Terrain LOD

Sotar Oráiste

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Hello there,

   First of all, I think that a "Beginners" subforum is needed as beginners also need help regarding basics of 3D as well as Babylon.JS and such separation would be better.

  And for question itself, I consider a game with a terrain generated from heightmap and sprites for assets (some assets will be needed to be 3D objects though) in order to be less demanding especially for mobile devices. Just I'm not sure of zoom out situation , just as game will have zoom levels and fixed projection I wonder if LOD is technically possible ( I mean there isn't much room for low subdivisions, will already keep as low as possible ) so prerendering terrain is better approach or is there something else that might make sense?

Thanks in advance and apologies for cryptic question :/

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12 hours ago, Deltakosh said:

Actually I did a mass replace..it should be ok :)

Now what am I doing wrong, still cannot get these PGs to work from the documentation, still get a mixed content blocked message on Firefox 54.0.1, Chrome and Edge:(


https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#FJNR5#4 through to https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#FJNR5#28

and others

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Thank you for responses but what I actually wondered was for example when there is a map with 99x99 grid there is at least 10,000 vertices, assuming there is no place for less ( as geometry would be distorted for grids ) LOD , is there any other solution?

(And such map size is minimal, I consider up to 999x999 with 1M vertices)

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