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Big Changes In Babylon Entities


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Wow...  just took a look at the latest Babylon entities ... and there are BIG changes... Missing MANY of the classes like BabylonUniversialCamera and BabylonHDRCubeTexture... Is there some new camera class that encapsulates all the camera functionality... Universal camera is still the main default camera class... right... ???

Anybody know what is the deal with the latest Babylon entities... Why missing classes...


I have a copy of the entities I use for my toolkit but wondering why the latest one is SOOOO different when those classes are still in Babylon (as far as I know)



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1 minute ago, Deltakosh said:

The deal is that I did not update it. Please feel free to update it with your latest additions

Kool... So those classes have not been removed for some reason... Like they are going to be depreciated or something like that...

Can I just bring over HDRCubeTexture and Universal camera over from the previous Babylon entities... ???

BTW... these were in here before... looks like at some point they were removed !!!

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