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'Empty' Object (Helper/Pivot)


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Hi. I am sure this is a quick question,  but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere.

I come from a Blitz3D background and in that engine we had 3D objects called 'Pivots'. They were basically the Position, Rotation and Scaling functionality of a full Mesh but without any Mesh data. They were used to be empty placeholders/parents of groups, anything a 3D object can do, but just didn't render anything.

I think Blender calls them 'Empty's and Maya calls them 'Helper's


Does the concept exist in Babylon, if so what are they called/how do I make them? Or do I create a Mesh without any vertex/face data?

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@Kreeba: Blender is capable of exporting "empties" . See part of the code below. Three cubes were created then an empty and the cubes then parented to the empty.The code below is is just a little part of the .babylon file produced on export from Blender. Note how the mesh named "Empty" has no data for positions etc.






I use them as a way  to show/hide/disable the  meshes that are children of the empty (and to simplify the Properties Panel in Blender).

Sorry if you are looking for a coding only method - but I'm sure others can help.

cheers, gryff :)

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