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[solved] GUI : TextBlock and text pixelated


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I'm discovering GUI part, in Babylon JS.
And for now, I'm trying to create a textblock, with simple text.

But, my problem is that my text is pixelated, even I change fontFamily, fontSize.

I've also tried to use "renderAtIdealSize" and "idealWidth". But, nothing changes.

I've noticed that the pixelation is reduced when I change the zoom of the browser.
I specify that I use, in this case, Mozilla and also Chrome, for my tests.

Does it exist a solution ?

Here is a link towards a playground, in which I put a part of my code and specially
the part about the GUI.

The fact is, in the playground, the text is not pixelated.

I put also a screenshot of the result, in the browser Mozilla (Zoom is at 100%).

If anybody could give some advice, I thank you in advance.



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Thanks for your answer.
I confirm you that I already call engine.resize() :

          // Watch for browser/canvas resize events
            window.addEventListener("resize", function () {

And I use the basis for creating my canvas :
          #renderCanvas {
          width: 100%;
          height: 100%;
          touch-action: none;

But, I have still the same result.

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