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Issue with sprite animation


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I am doing a simple Platformer game with Phaser, for learning purposes. I have a sprite that is 2 columns x 2 rows (see attached image), with the upper-left image being the "idle" status.




And I put this code in my player prefab file:

        this.animations.add("idle", [0]);
        this.animations.add("jump", [1]);
        this.landAnimation = this.animations.add("land", [0]);
        this.animations.add("run", [1,2,3]);

The problem is that my "idle" status is going to repeat frames 1,2,3 instead, again and again, as if the character is moving, and the other statuses are all [0] (what I wanted for "idle"). The result is always the same, whatever numbers I put into the arrays.

I am a bit stuck, and cannot figure out where the problem is...

Any help or ideas should be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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First check that the frames are correct. Create a global reference (player) and run from the console, one line at a time:

player.frame = 0;
player.frame = 1;
player.frame = 2;
player.frame = 3;

Then play the animations one at a time:

player.animations.play('run'); // …


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Thanks for the answer. Well, it's OK, now... I discovered that there is another file that is overwriting the prefab file behaviour... I am following a tutorial in a book... so it's not completely my fault... Thanks again.

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